Safeguard Fire Safety

Fire Services

Whether it’s just fire related advice you need, or a full detection and warning system, Safeguard have you fully covered. With a fully qualified fire safety designer on board, our knowledge and expertise will leave you feeling much more confident should you ever have a fire at your home or business.


Fire safety and the protection of your home or business is a very serious issue and we want you to rest easy in the knowledge that Safeguard will provide a top quality, professional service while delivering very competitive rates.

If you would like a quote, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and help you achieve the best price.

As well as providing you with your fire system, Safeguard can also provide you with everything you need by way of fire extinguishers. Depending on whether it’s for your home, large business premises or for vehicles or motor homes, your fire extinguisher requirements will be different and Safeguard offers a survey to help you identify exactly what you need. One of our engineers can visit your home or business and assess what you will require to comply with current British fire standards.

If you already have fire extinguishers in your home or business, Safeguard can provide a comprehensive service plan that will cover your current extinguishers should there be any problems with them in the future. Our service plans include all routine service parts in the price.

At Safeguard we possess the leading industry standard of NSI Gold Accreditation for Fire Systems in Scotland.

Using the latest wireless technology, Safeguard can install new systems or upgrade older systems that are compliant with the current British standards without the mess of ripping up carpets or flooring and any inconvenience.